Review: Big K Brand Cinna-Roll Soda

Cinna-Roll Soda

Oh friends, the things I do for you  in the name of science. So that you can benefit from my inquiries, let me share with you my experience with Big K Brand Cinna-Roll Soda (the Limited Edition).

The makers say it is “Cin-sational,” but is it really? Does this soda really conjure up the same satisfaction as a good hearty cinnamon roll that is is named after?

Eh. No. But for $0.77 whatdya expect?

Best I can do to describe this is to think of ginger-ale. Now, replace the ginger with cinnamon. That will get you in the ball-park. Then instead of filling your whole mouth with flavor, think of it as mostly being concentrated on the tip of your tongue. Now imagine it being as sweet as cotton candy and just as nutritious.

I think that about sums it up.  You’re welcome.