A Blow-out Anniversary

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Our planned romantic afternoon at the JC Raulston Arboretum turned into a romantic afternoon of changing a tire together. Hey, befitting our six years together, we made it work for us.

Blow out anniversary

Two notes on this adventure:

  1. For the past few sets of tires I bought, I have always bought tire insurance on all four tires. I have never once regretted it. I’ve always used the insurance on at least one tire. Even if you use it on just one tire during the lifetime of the tires, you come out ahead and I’ve always ended up filing a claim against the tire insurance at least once.
  2. If you’re driving down the road and have a blow out so that you KNOW you are going to be putting the temporary tire on. For the love of god, pull off onto pavement, not on to soft grass that’s been rained on for hours and hours. The jack will sink into the mud as much as it raises the car.