Ascending to the Madonnina

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Today in Milan we visited a Leonardo Da Vinci museum in the morning, but no pictures were allowed, But it was surprisingly well-done and you really got a sense of the man as an engineer.

But most of the day we spent at the Milan Cathedral, I do believe we saw every bit of it. We saw archeological digs beneath the cathedral where we learned there were at least two major churches built on the same site.

We saw the inside and the massive altars and soaring stained glass windows:

But you can only appreciate the scale of the place when you consider our journey to see The Madonnina, which is the gold statue of the Virgin Mary at the very top, about 350 feet above the plaza.

We bought a ticket to visit the rooftop of the cathedral this shot gives you a good sense of what it’s like to be on the roof:

From the top of the cathedrals spine

Close up from the roof spine



3 Replies to “Ascending to the Madonnina”

  1. Great images. When I was there is 2013 there was considerable scaffolding on the building. Hung on the scaffolding were graphics advertising shoes!

    Something about Milan that hits you is the size of the buildings.

  2. Wonderful pics. While a magnificent cathedral, as Tony says, there is a grandeur throughout the city.

    Did you just pass through London? If you are returning this way please let me know and we might meet?

    1. Sadly no, Geneva to Raleigh.
      In 2019 we are planning a big trip to Dublin and Scotland and I am hoping to make a side trip to York and London to meet my UK friends.

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