Geocaching at Lake Crabtree

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Today Pat and I needed to get out of the house a bit, so we did something I’ve been wanting to do for years. We went geocaching. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt except that instead of being given clues, you are given a set of map coordinates, which you have to get to and then you have to find the hidden “cache.”

Because it was our first time and because we were both feeling sort of low energy, I deliberately picked an easy one to get to. We went looking for the “I’m NOT Crabby!” which is located in Lake Crabtree Park. ┬áNow seems to have a business model based on making it as difficult as possible to use their site, so that you will sign up for a premium membership to make it easier to use. But at the end of the day, all you need is the map coordinates which you can copy and past into your phone’s map program. We were using Google maps.

It was kinda fun traipsing through the woods. This particular one wasn’t hard to get to or very far. But still, you kinda had to pick your way through the muddy bit and the thorn bushes and picking the best route to get there.

I was able to get us to the coordinates. But it took Pat’s sharp eyes to actually find the thing:

"I'm Not Crabby" geocache site

Ta Dah! Yep it’s an old peanut butter jar

"I'm NOT Crabby" geocahing site

Inside there’s a bit of paper you’re supposed to sign to prove you were there but none of the pens were working and we didn’t have one on us. But the pic will do. It was full of trinkets that previous finders had left. My understanding is that you’re supposed to take a trinket and leave a trinket of greater or equal value. We didn’t bring any so we just left it the way we found it.

Now that we kinda know the drill I’m interested in trying to find some more. I realize I’m about five years late on this trend. But oh well. It was fun

Here’s some more pics from our day:

X Marks the spot:

X marks the spot


Pretty much says it all about Cary:

Also check out my latest One Minute video from our visit to the park today:

One Minute of Gulls & Clouds