Pond Trail @ Jordan Lake

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Today Pat & I went hiking on the Pond Trail at the Seaforth Day Use Area of Jordan Lake State Park. It was a gray overcast day, but dry.

There is finally some indication that Fall has arrived in our area:

And we got some good vistas of the lake, including this eagle nest

But the best scenery was inland, in the middle of the woods:

Hiking notes as of November 5, 2017:

  • There is a sign that says the boardwalk on the trail is closed due to hurricane damage. But that’s just a very short stretch of the trail and there is a well-marked bypass you can take. So you can still complete the loop no problem.
  • Bathrooms are closed during “winter months.” Plan accordingly
  • Just off the parking lot, there are lots of picnic tables, shelters, and a kids’ playground. There is also a designated swimming area.
  • The trail is super easy, flat, and well marked. I can see that if it had been raining, it would be quite muddy. This is just a trail, not paved, no gravel etc. Just a well-marked pathway through the woods.
  • There are several short spur trails you can use to walk down to the lakeside

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