For sale: TV / Media stand & shelves for $350

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For sale: TV / Media stand & shelves

This is an extremely sturdy set of shelving towers and a TV stand. It’s in the style of “This End Up” furniture. It’s made of heavy, resilient wood. I’ve had it for about eleven years and it is still as sturdy as the day I bought it. It has so much storage it’s almost like having another room. Some of the storage is in shelving that you can see and some of it is in cabinets you can use to hide stuff away.
It has some nicks and bumps here and there due being moved four times. But it is not damaged and has no ugly stains etc.
The entire set consists of 6 pieces. When it is all put together as one unit, it is 113” wide, 71” tall, and 23” deep. The 6 pieces are:
1) The TV stand: 41” wide, 23” deep, 27” tall
2) Right tower: 71” tall, 18” deep, 24” wide
3 & 4) Left towers: 71” tall, 18” deep, 24” wide
5) Light above the TV stand: Spans the left and right tower, 18”deep, 41” wide
6) Shelf above the TV stand: Not pictured, but it’s another shelf that spans from the left to right tower, designed to be below the light and above the TV stand.
Each tower comes with two shelves which are adjustable in height and each tower has some cabinets below the shelves to you can hides stuff. The media/tv center can pretty much hold the weight of any TV you want to put on it and it has loads of storage underneath.
These pieces look great all put together as one unit. But the beauty of it is you can use them separately as well. So you can put a bookshelf on one wall and the TV stand on another wall and put the other bookshelves in other rooms This is a very versatile set of furniture and a great value.
You can see all of the pictures here:
I am selling the whole thing for $350. If you search on Amazon for similar size/capacity/sturdiness the cheapest you’ll find ANYTHING similar is $525. And you could easily spend up to $2000 for s similar system.
Cash sale only to the first person who delivers the money to me. I know that most people will not have a car or truck big enough to carry these shelves home and you’ll have to rent a truck or find a friend who can help. The sale goes to the first person who puts the cash in my hand. After you put the money in my hands, I am happy to keep all this in my garage for up to 30 days while you arrange for transportation.