Dragon Con 2011

I always come back from DragonCon wishing I had another 24 hours in the day to devote to hobbies and fun stuff.

As in last years, I spent most of my time in the podcasting track, the EFF track, and skeptics track, and the science tracks. But I also went to several panels in the film track on the basics of producing and the basics of directing. I did not make it to any of the Robot Battles this year, but I did go to an interesting panel on how to get started developing for the Arduino. My wife Pat and I enjoyed watching the Battlestar Galactica documentary and we joined thousands of our closets friends to watch an early screening of a Doctor Who episode. And by the way, Sylvester McCoy sat down next to us at the Gonzo Quiz show, which would have been even cooler if we’d realized who he was before he left.

I didn’t make it to any of the late night bands this year, but I did go see a live taping of George Hrab’s Geologic podcast, which is always good fun.

Some other highlights:

The Marriott is where all the hanging out happens and where everyone goes to show off their costumes. But one new thing this year was this fish swimming through the lobby. Mondo cool. That’s going on my Christmas wishlist!

In terms of costumes, there were all the usual, Star Trek, Star Wars, comic book, Firefly, costumers out in force. Lots of zombies this year and on Saturday night there was a huge “Zombie Shamble” through the streets of downtown¬† Atlanta. There were also a fair number of Robots on site including this 40’s era version of a Dalek:

Captain Americawas a very popular costume this year. The lucky ones had dancing girls in tow:

But this year my favorite costumes at Dragon Con were women dressed up like “Abs” from the TV show NCIS. I saw at least three different versions of her at DragonCon. But this woman was my favorite because she had her very own “Caff-Pow.”

As always, The Atlanta Radio Theater Company was one of my favorite acts. They did several original shows this year including a new episode of their Rory Rammer, Space Marshall show and an amusing drama about an engineer that devises an email spam filter that uses an evil demon that feeds on the spam. You can imagine how well that turns out. But the best story they did was a Lovecraftian/Steam Punkish story about a clockwork robot in the 1800’s that seem’s strangely self-motivated that rescues a condemned man for it’s own purposes.

Here’s ARTC warming up:

I always enjoy the semi-pro folks putting on performances and I got to see plenty of that this year. I got to see  the guys who produce Bob and Carl, Sci-Fi Janitorsput on a demonstration of how they use Green Screen:

I got to attend a live taping of the Inside The Black Box radio show:

And I got to watch a live taping of the Frame Rate web show:

I also enjoyed the panel on producing web-based shows. They had the guys from Chad Vader and several folks, including Felica Day, from The Guild.

My brain is still kinda numb from all the inspiration. I really like to see people making stuff, whether it be costumes, or stories, or videos, or podcasts, or web shows, or whatever. Like I said, if I only had another 24 hours in the day…..