New Hope Creek hike at Duke Forest

duke forest 20160326

On Saturday Pat and I went hiking through the trails In Duke Forest off Whitfield Rd. Thanks Jeff for the recommendation! I like this time of year in early spring when the green in all the new leaves still has that luminescent quality to it.

duke forest 20160326

Here’s the complete set of pics:

20160326 Duke Forest / New Hope Creek

I also added another video to my “One Minute” series:

New Hope Creek in Duke Forest

Duke Forest is this huge, sprawling nature preserve in Durham County, NC. Yesterday Pat and I went walking through the section along New Hope Creek, to this beautiful spot, deep in a hollow, which the local birders say is great for bird watching.

New Hope Creek in Duke Forest 20150516

This is me hanging out at New Hope Creek. My wife is practicing with her new camera.

Calvin at New Hope Creek in Duke Forest

A selfie of the two of us!

Calvin & Pat at New Hope Creek, Duke Forest