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Paul Harvey's America: The Life, Art, and Faith of a Man Who Transformed Radio and Inspired a NationPaul Harvey’s America: The Life, Art, and Faith of a Man Who Transformed Radio and Inspired a Nation by Stephen Mansfield

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is mostly a biography and reasonably complete for such a short read and such a long career. It hits all the highlights of his professional career and how he and his wife built the media empire.

It’s tempting to say he was a blogger of his day, because his fame was built on offering commentary on the news. But you have to remember he spent years and years as a reporter as well. In any case, the interesting part of the story is his “Paul Harvey News & Comment” show and I do think there is a lot a blogger / podcaster could learn from Paul Harvey’s story.

Paul HarveyThere’s some lionization going on in the book. But it holds up pretty well because, well, it’s Paul Harvey. There are a couple of detours into rationalization/justification of some of his missteps along the way which I think reflects more on the authors than on Paul Harvey. (Why couldn’t they say, wow he was on the wrong side on that issue as time proved.”)

Some of the most interesting parts of the story though come when they go into the hour by hour details of how he (and the rest of the media at the time) covered major breaking news, like FDR’s death, the Kennedy assassination, etc. It gives you a very interesting glimpse into the days of news reporting when everyone depended on “the wire” for their news sources. Very interesting for folks today living in the internet era.

Overall, I liked the book. I wanted to figure out what a blogger/podcaster/new media producer could learn from Paul Harvey’s famous career, and I got it. It had some interesting insights into both the man and the times as well.

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