Welcome Roslin and Ripley

I haven’t had a pet since high school. There’s always been one reason or another to put it off.  P. and I have been talking about getting pets for quite a while now. Our pet plans include both dogs and cats and this weekend we finally got our act together and went down to the Orange County Animal Services Center.

I have to say it’s the nicest such facility I have ever been to. They are very well set up for letting people look at animals and get acquainted with them and adopt them. They pretty much require you to spay/neuter the pets and they are all set up to provide those services as part of the adoption fee.

And the result, well, say hello to Roslin (front/left) and Ripley (rear/right), two female kittens. Currently 7 weeks old. Yes, we have an overload of cute in the house right now!

They are all skin and bones right now and according the the OCASC people, they are strays. But we have the cadillac of cat food dispensers and running water fountains and they are making very good use of them.

We are already impressed by their jumping and climbing ability.

The names? Ripley is named after Ripley in the Alien movies and Roslin is the President from Battle Star Galactica. Two bad-ass women and I know the kitties will live up to their names.